Ciardella Associates

What Our Clients Say


Santa CruzOur philosophy is based on the energetic interplay and synergy between process, visualization and design.

The work is characterized by:

  • Strong, simple design and planning that responds in innovative ways to the unique set of forces exerted on each site from both cultural and environmental processes.
  • A clear understanding of costs, current construction techniques, and scheduling.
  • Work that is formed from the outset by issues of market and economic feasibility with an emphasis on plans and policies that effectively balance economic and environmental goals.
  • A hands-on approach that allows us to meet client’s expectations and maintain project continuity.
  • Principal expertise that includes an in depth understanding of planning, design and computer technology.

The structure of the firm allows us to focus our energies exclusively on the design process working directly with the clients on a day to day basis. Principal involvement is essential to the firm's goal of design excellence and outstanding and cost effective service. We are committed to the interplay between process, visualization and design.